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Many people outside of South Asia may not know that in Nepal nearly 20% of its population is discriminated based on caste.  This situation has been in existence from many centuries.  These discriminated people were known as backward or untouchable until very recent time. Due to dominant society’s biased attitude and successive government’s inadequate initiatives to address this problem, these discriminated people have been living a segregated and in dismal poverty.  Unfortunately, even highly educated Diaspora communities also carry this kind of discriminatory cultural baggage.  Because of this situation, in order to find justice and respectable position in the society, these caste based discriminated people  have been identifying themselves as “Dalits” or oppressed people from last couple of year in modern democratic Nepal (We have referred them here as “Oppressed People” or Dalits).

Because of this situation one can perceive tremendous disparity and discord in Nepalese society, particularly in the case of Oppressed People.  With a view to create awareness about Nepal’s Oppressed Peoples’ situation in North America; and motivate the Nepali society as a whole to change their perception toward caste based discrimination through proactive initiatives, the Nepali-American Society for Oppressed Community (NASO Community) was founded in 2004.

NASO Community is a non political, non-religious and non profit membership based voluntary organization.  It is incorporated in the State of Maryland, USA.  It maintains a tax exempt status IRS’s 501 (C) 3 tax code.NSAO-267x300


Create awareness about the impact of the caste-based discrimination in Nepal and Diaspora communities particularly in North America and around the world.

Help to generate social harmony and common understanding among Nepali people to eliminate the cast based discrimination and make a caste free society in a gradual manner.

Find ways and means to build Nepali Oppressed Peoples’ confidence and enable them to be an able and proud productive citizen of the society.


The objective of the NASO Community is to promote community identity and integrate intercultural social life, and enhance skills and knowledge of the oppressed community and entire Nepalese society for socio-economic betterment in the United States as well as Northern America.

Furthermore, the NASO Community shall be mobilized solidarity supports such as technology, education, business or any other empowerment activities to enable social disadvantage communities and their social justice in Nepal. Other objectives are:

  • Advocate and lobby to eliminate the caste-based discrimination at international level, in particular in the Northern America.
  • Support the individuals from the marginalized communities, living/visiting Northern America during the emergencies and implement activities to build a social cohesion.
  • Build strategic partnerships and alliances with the charity organizations, human right forums as well as business institutions working towards the similar goals.


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