Shelters in Kalanki, Sunargaun

1aWe, NASO community made a planning as soon as the disatorious earthquake took place on 25th of April, so that our small effort can help the victimized in some extinct. The planning included providing the relief suppliers for the daily usages on the first phase. We provided all the necessary equipment wherever necessary. Now that we have provided all the necessary equipments and the materials, its the time we provide them the temporary shelters. Since the situation is under control and since Nepal is not facing the big strokes we NASO community have decided on building the temporary shelters for the victims who have lost their homes and now are staying on ‘tents’. We are providing the temporary shelters for the ones who are directly and critically affected by the disatorious quake. Hence the building the temporary shelters will be started from ‘Sunar gau’ situated on Kalanki area.


On 28th June Gopal Bishwokarma president of NASO visited affected areas, analyzed all the situations there then decided to start from kalanki. President Gopal Bishwokarma gave a cheque to Sanjib Baral the president of Sunaulo sewa samaj to build the temporary shelters.’Sunaulo Sewa Samaj’ is a social organization situated in Sunar gaun. Sunaulo sewa samaj has been providing the social service to the residentials lately. Meanwhile in the programme Sunaulo Sewa Samaj President Sanjib Baral thanked NASO , he also mentioned that Sunaulo Sewa Samaj would be glad to work with NASO in upcoming future. In reward of appreciation ‘Sunaulo sewa samaj’ provided a letter of appreciation to NASO. The whole progrmme was organized by Sunaulo sewa samaj itself. The chief guest there was the president of DNF Gajadhar Sunar, CIEDP-Commission member Bijul Bishwokarma.1 1c 1d

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